About Us

George and Kristin Picken are a husband and wife team who love traveling the countryside preserving interesting objects, scenery, animals and quite often relics from history.  Anything of beauty, items of nostalgia, or animals that “speak” that catch George’s artistic eye are going to be monumentalized for the joy and love of art patrons in timeless photography.

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What We Photograph

Picken Art subjects sometimes “just appear” during normal, everyday travels about the Texas countryside where the Pickens live in the Texas Hill Country.  George and Kristin sometimes plan specific adventures like visiting New Orleans, LA and other states capturing subjects of beauty.  Often as they travel to events and shows for promoting Picken Arts,

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Picken Arts Mission

A Picture Before It’s Gone!  To capture the beauty of a moment in time when it was; preserving for generations to come.  This is our mission and our passion.

As a young boy, George Picken was captivated by art.  He enjoyed drawing and painting, but really developed a love of photography as he grew older.

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