Picken Arts Mission

A Picture Before It’s Gone!  To capture the beauty of a moment in time when it was; preserving for generations to come.  This is our mission and our passion.

As a young boy, George Picken was captivated by art.  He enjoyed drawing and painting, but really developed a love of photography as he grew older.

Shortly after the year 2000, George became serious about photography and in particular, taking pictures of old buildings, trains, vehicles and other things that might soon be gone.

When George and Kristin began selling his photos, many of his photography/art patrons were surprised to find that George uses only natural light and does not alter or doctor with Photoshop or any other photo editing program.  His photographs are not enhanced except with the natural beauty of that moment in time.  He captures images as they really are with a discerning eye for natural light enhancement.

The Picken’s love of photography and travel takes them cross Texas and the surrounding states to discover and capture the beauty in images that are here today and could be gone tomorrow.  Whether it is an old worn out truck, the reflection of a tree in a pond, a longhorn gazing in the pasture, a weathering dilapidated old barn, or a delicate flower; each photograph has it’s story to tell.

Picken Arts goals is to see and preserve the beauty and history surrounding us for others to enjoy through their passion for photography.