Birds and Insects

In Texas we have many varieties of birds. Some are year round, but many are just traveling through. Roadrunners, wild turkeys, mockingbirds, painted buntings, cardinals, doves and chickadees are just some of the birds that are commonly seen around the state and on the Picken Ranch.

For many years George raised birds such as singing canaries, finches, love birds, parakeets, cockatiels, parrots and so on. Recently, when one of the Pickens’ daughters was visiting, her husband asked if George and Kristin had let some kind of wild parrots loose in their backyard. They were actually a large group of painted buntings that had chosen to nest for the summer. So instead of raising birds, George, with camera, ┬áis now content to sit quietly in his backyard and wait for the best bird picture yet to come.

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