Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are loved by almost everyone.  The Pickens are no exception.  There are eight dogs living on their ranch.  The youngest and largest of the clan is their German Shepard, Kate.  They also have a Jack Russell named Jack, a Westie  called Molly, and two spoiled Dachshunds, Isabelle and Riley.  In addition, their son’s family, who also lives on the ranch has a Border Collie, Macy, a Westie named Millie and a Brittany Spaniel called Gus, who is never without his toy duck.

They have now lost count of the number of cats that reside around the barns and the houses.  The Pickens have been taking care of a colony of feral cats.  Kristin and her daughter-in-law, Amanda, have been catching them, cleaning them up, getting their shots, taming and loving them all.

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