Trains, Trucks, etc.

In his lifetime, George has owned about 64 trucks and cars.  According to Kristin, he likes to reminisce about each and everyone of them.

He loves photographing vehicles, old and new, but especially the old cars and trucks he sees wasting away in open fields and small towns.  Kristin’s favorite find was and old Barton Springs Dairy truck.  She fell in love with the rich colors of rust and layers of paint.  It has proven to be one of their most popular prints.

As well as old vehicles, George is fascinated by trains.  He once bought a home in Austin right next to the railroad tracks so he could see the trains go by at night and in the morning.  Now in their travels, George and Kristin always look for trains, train stations, and even train tracks.  George makes is it a point to speak with the train engineers and mechanics when he is lucky enough to find one standing alongside the tracks.  He enjoys listening to their stories and passing them on to others who share a fascination of trains.

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